1972 Vega Camback GT

My car is a 1972 Vega camback GT. I bought the car in Virginia in 1987. From there it became a work in progress. After having the chasis done once i sent it out again to be re worked. I needed to have more leg room and have some bars moved. I then had the fire wall and floors cut out. The only thing that is factory is roof, doors and hatch. I took the steel front fenders and had them worked into the rear quarters to stretch them out to fit the tires. Not to many people know that my quarters are made up of 12 pieces. The tin work inside was done by Tuff Toys in Perry.

I bought my fathers old show truck and took the motor out and traded the body to a guy in New Jersey For a drag Vega Hatchback that will be together someday. I freshened up the motor and then fitted it to the car as best as i could. Scott my brother, wired the car for me. This year i took the car to RJ PROFAB to have it tuned and set the rearend so it would go strait. Now it's fun to drive..But!

Dyno run at Syracuse Nationals First Run on track at NYIRP

Best pass to date is 10.15 @ 133

So I go back for a second round at the track. I'm getting this line-loc figured out so now my burnouts are getting better. So after a good burnout I go up to the line. The light turns green,, BANG! Broke the drive shaft at the rear knuckle. So back home we go for repairs.

Back to the track we go. Fantastic Burnout. up to the line I go. Light turns green. KA POW!! jingle jingle.. uh oh!!
Blew the rearend out of the car.

I guess when you have 520hp and 488ft lbs of torque, you're going to find the weakest links.
We'll be ready for 2009