1969 Camaro SS

The year was 1977. I was still in high school at the time. One evening in March I was out with 8 of my friends cruising around in a 1970 Impala 4dr boat. A girl in the back hollered out "Dave! look at that car." I immediately pulled over and looked at the car. I got back in and told them I was going to buy that car.

The next morning I ran to the bank and withdrew all my money came home and woke my dad. We went up to this little used car dealership out on Buffalo rd. It wasn't even open yet. While we were looking the car over. The guy showed up and opened his trailer. He said he just got the car and put it on the lot last night before he closed. We asked how much he wanted for the car and he said $1376.00 FIRM. Dad said no way. You can get a lot more car for that much money. I said "SOLD!" I think it was at least a week before my dad talked to me again.

That first year I ripped out the AC, installed headers, intake manifold and a cam. Drove it until 1982 when I spun 4 rods and 2 mains. I sent the motor to Gearhead Auto. They bored it out .060, installed TRW Racing crank, rods, pistons. New cam, intake and carb.

In 1984 I married that girl that hollered "Dave! Look at that car." Continued to drive the car until 1986 when my wife got pregnent. The car went in the garage and stayed there for the next 15 years. Little things were done here and there while in storage. Even pulled it out once and went for a short drive and realized I had no brakes. It was a fun ride. Back in the garage it went.

In 1999 I had knee surgery, during the recovery from that I was feeling kind of old. I figured I better get the car out. 1st thing was new brakes. worked on the interior, trunk and under the hood.
In 2002-2003 I pulled the motor, cleaned it all up along with the engine compartment.

2005 I had the car repainted and in 2006 brought the car back out winning trophies and having fun.

2008-2009 had the seats completely redone.

This year Chevy came out with the new 2010 Camaro. I want one so bad.
How's this for a comparison.

I think I'll need a bigger garage if I do it.