My 73 Oldsmobile 442

It was the summer of 1985 and just finished my brothers 70 442 and decided I wanted another car to do. I had sold my 70 442 to make the move to Rochester so it would be an Oldsmobile 442. The search was on and I came across a 73 442 that looked decent and the price was right. It had a tired 350 engine with white bench seats, column shift and A/C. I told the seller I would be converting it to swivel buckets, console and a 455 engine and he looked at me with the yea right look. I immediately started to work on the car and painted it the original Zodiac Blue and White stripes and drove it like this till 1987.

In the mean time I had the bench seats done in black and added Crager SS wheels and BFG tires. In 1988 I wanted start going to car shows and so I did the car again in Black with Red stripes which matched a previous 73 442 I owned in the 70's. I also installed a 455 engine and found swivel bucket seats to install. I went to car show that summer and found out black is hard to keep clean and another change was in order.

The winter of 1988-89 I took the car completely apart to a bare frame and rebuilt it from the ground up. I picked a Corvette Red with Black stripes and also removed the A/C so you would never know it was ever an A/C car. I remained like this from 1989-1992 when I wanted to change it again.

The car was completely disassembled again for the final color combo it still is today Electric Currant Red with Silver Frost stripes. It has had a couple of engine changes also from a 510 hp Big block Olds to the milder BBO it has now. You can go to my website to see pictures of the changes it went through. Steve